Shaw College

Established with a generous donation from the Shaw Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited, Shaw College is the first College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Shaw College provides a home for students from different background to live and learn together, sharing the joys of knowledge discovery with teachers of the College and with each other. The College aims to establish an open platform for students from different programmes to implement the holistic educational idea through various activities and to live up to the motto of the College “In Pursuit of Virtue and Excellence”.

The College consists of the west and east blocks, and each block consists of three buildings, accommodating more than two thousand students. The College buildings also include administrative offices, gyms, study lounges and recreation facilities.


In recognition of the shared history of the founding support from the Shaw Foundation, the emblem design of Shaw College CUHK-Shenzhen has elements that are evocative of the emblem of Shaw College CUHK, but also has other elements that establish its own distinctiveness. Reflecting the kinship between the two Colleges, both emblems have a shield, a banner and the College motto emblazoned on an open book as part of the core design. The choice of traditional characters and layout for the Chinese name of the College (following the style of CUHK Shatin) also strengthen the bond between the two Shaw Colleges.

However, the relative position of the key elements of the design is different: the background elements and pattern of the shield are different and Shaw College CUHK-Shenzhen adopted a different colour scheme. The radiating rays of the shield in the Shaw College CUHK-Shenzhen emblem are reminiscent of elements of the emblem of Shaw Studios.

MOTTO:In Pursuit of Virtue and Excellence

Interpretation of the Motto:In light of the shared heritage, the motto of Shaw College, CUHK-Shenzhen also has a linkage with the motto of Shaw College, CUHK (Shatin). 1. The motto of Shaw College, CUHK is“修德講學”, from Book VII of The Analects of Confucius 論語: the Master said “It is these things that cause me concern: failure to cultivate virtue; failure to go more deeply into what I have learned; inability, when I am told what is right, to go over to where it is; and inability to reform myself when I have defects.”A man of sound moral character eager to make new discoveries on the strength of existing knowledge is, in the eyes of Confucius, close to the ideal of the gentleman.

From The Book of Rites -- Great Learning:“What the Great Learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence.”The way of great learning consists in manifesting one's virtue, loving the people, and to stop when perfect goodness is attained.

SLOGAN:Excellence with a soul, Leadership with a heart

Interpretation of the SloganThe Slogan of the College, “Excellence with a soul, Leadership with a heart”, which has been created to echo the meaning of the motto, embodies the ideal of pursuing excellence with a soul and leading with a heart.



Shaw College aspires to be a congenial community of staff and students dedicated to intellectual inquiry, integrity and social responsibility.


To foster the joys of learning, discovery and growth in all College members through communal experiences. Through formal and non-formal educational programmes, the College aims to: · Enrich college life, · Offer students care and whole-person education, including general education, and, · Help students hone their abilities, broaden their horizons, nurture their values, so they may lead in their chosen disciplines and professions. Shaw College cultivates an international perspective, a commitment to life-long learning and a dedication to service to the community, the nation and the world.